How We help

Our Commitment

We're committed to providing the best care by the best people. Our hospice team supports both patients and families so that the patient’s choices are honored while providing care in the comfort of the patient’s home, nursing home or assisted living center. 

Wherever you call home

Regardless of where service is provided, Doctor's Hospice focuses on pain and symptom management. Hospice care can be provided in any place you call home: a nursing home, certified family homes, assisted living, or the home you’ve lived in your entire life. 

Physicians Who Care

At Doctor's Hospice our focus is also on celebrating the life of the patient and making every moment and every memory more valuable. We offer compassionate care with the utmost dignity and respect.

Hospice is always an option

Many times patients and families mention “They wish they had called hospice sooner.” Sometimes this isn’t an option. Often patients may be in an eminent situation, where a decision must be made during crisis, you may feel that at that time, hospice is no longer an option. However, it is! 

Hospice care can be started the same day as the referral is made. Even if a patient is on service for a short amount of time, even one day, they will be treated for comfort, they will have any necessary medical equipment, medication, and supplies that are needed, including transportation home from the hospital, if needed. 

Even when a patient is only on service for one day, with Doctor’s Hospice, our Bereavement Team will follow the patient’s family through the grieving process for 13 months after, to ensure they are grieving and recovering properly. Many times this is a critical piece for families who have experienced an unexpected death. 

When we admit a patient to hospice, we admit a family, please consider the importance of hospice care for patients and families when faced with an eminent situation.

You have questions - We have answers

You have the right to choose your
hospice provider. Before making your decision, please
consider the following questions to ask of the hospice agencies.

Do you have a physician?
Do they make house calls?
May I keep my regular physician?
Do you utilize volunteers?
Do you provide Transportation?
Do you have a grief and bereavement program?
Do you accept my Medicare or my Insurance plan?
What is your nursing to patient ratio?
Are you available 24/7?


Travis Smith

We cannot say enough about how Doctors Hospice of Idaho helped our mother. Mom moved in with us from Billings, Montana. No other hospice would bring her home till we called Doctors Hospice. three hours after the call Doctors Hospice was in route to get our mom at no cost to us.


Marie Anthony

Doctors Hospice of Idaho was able to help mother in ways we never thought possible. “Just Incredible” is the word I would use to describe this Hospice. Mom felt fortunate that the Hospice care team were available to their entire family. The ability to use one phone number to talk with Doctors of Hospice of Idaho is a blessing. She is grateful for the support the Hospice team.

Preston Merheny

I am so thrilled at the care we received under your hospice company. First I need to tell you that I have not been real happy with any hospice since the death of my mom 6 years ago.  I thought this is the way all hospices were and I wanted no part of it.  

THEN, Doctors hospice came. From day one when the owners stepped off their ambulance transfer, I felt this may be different. The owners, bringing the patient home? I was impressed. Then we got a nurse named Irene. What a joy. She sure knows what she is doing. You guys are amazing. Tina also is wonderful and very helpful on the phone. She knew my voice before I said my name. I love you all. I will recommend Doctors hospice to everyone who needs hospice care. 

Betty Johnson

I love seeing my dad get the daily care and compassion he needed toward the end. All I can say is Doctor's Hospice was a blessing and I will always remember their care for my father. 

Lee Miller

This was my first experience with a Hospice team and I am thankful to say that it was a great one!

I'm thrilled that there is a team like this to take care of loved ones as they leave our side. I can't say enough how much I appreciate their work and compassion. 

Laura Baxter

It was a very difficult time for myself and my family, Doctor's Hospice provided great service and always understood what we were going through. Their Chaplin was enourmously helpful, and their nurses so caring. THANK YOU! 

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